Lasse Maja day at the local library

I've been asked by my local library to organize a Lasse Maja Day with a treasure hunt and some crafting. Lasse Maja Detective club is one of swedens most popular children's books for early readers.
The author Martin Widmark seems to be turning out a steady stream of the books.

Here is one of the book covers

I have to become very friendly with my computer (which is always tricky for me )since I have to make a diploma for all the little detective that solve the treasure hunt and a flyer/poster that will be sent out to the local schools .
Looking at the fab illustrations by artist Helena Willis I thought it would be a nice project to machine embroider the poster.

So here is my beginning..

top of picture is a paper copy of the logo that is on all the book covers.

I then put two layers of fabric on top of one another .
first white and then black. then I machine embroider the image and cut away the black fabric
to reveal the letters in white.

My old favorite sewing machine is the best for this kind of job
and its always a great day when I can let her out!

I have now attached the machine embroidery to my backing fabric that is the background of the poster.
This is when my eyes need a break and I have to contemplate the rest.
Time is running out and it needs to be sent to printers soon. I think I will have to limit the machine embroidery and blame it on the nasty flu I've had for the last weeks.

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Flaming Nora said...

Blimey Pernilla, what a fantastic project. Good luck with it, I'm sure it will be a huge success. Have fun!