Alfons Åberg/ Alfie Atkins exhibition

I've been working on this project since Christmas and of course my plan was to write often about my progress. One of my favorite museums Kulturen will highlight the 40 anniversery of on off Swedens most popular children books character called Alfons Åberg. In english that translates as Alfie Atkins.

The idea is that children both with their families or in school groups will go and play in a life size 70's Alfie flat built and made by artist Mats Nilsson and costumes made by me.

I got all the books out from our local library and have been looking at all the illustrations and getting to know the charachters. My son is 3 and we have been reading the books before going to bed and of course he has also been modelling and testing the costumes.

Specially trying on the party hats  from one of  the books Kalas has been popular. In swedish the book is called Kalas and it is a little story about grown ups wanting a big birthday party but Alfie really just wants to sit under the table with his two best friends eating cake. Now there is a thought to all parents bigging up birthdays and Christmas. And here are som pictures of the work in progress.

Now my working day is over and I will go and pick up the little fellow in spring sunshine.

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