When My Baby Dreams

These photos are from a blog called  Mila’s Daydreams and now there is a book ,When My Baby Dreams. This is what Mila's mum says about her photos: To be perfectly honest, Mila’s Daydreams started out as a total coincidence — at the time, Mila was only two weeks old, and she just happened to fall asleep in a funny position on a blanket on the floor. The more we looked at her, the more she appeared like a little fencer, and we took a few pictures. That’s when I started to think of making whimsical backgrounds around Mila that would match the charm of her sleepiness — they could be her dreams, illustrated.
In the very first official Mila’s Daydream picture that I ever took, Mila’s playing with her friends in a little forest that I made out of pillows and blankets that were already lying around the house. The daisies she’s picking are from the flower bouquet I received while still in the hospital. The next day, while doing laundry, I had another vision for what Mila might have been dreaming about, and then, while cooking dinner that same night, another and another…

I just love the way baby sleeps and this article makes me remember those first months of being a mum . Every time Leon would fall asleep I would run to my workroom and sew sew sew.  It was harder than I thought not to work and have your hands and head engaged with stuff. Your baby keeps you so busy and when they sleep you try to catch up and just as you get going they are awake and you dont know when you will get your next moment. Then you have to hold on to your moment and idea  for when you get your next chanse..
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