textil times in the garden

I've got given this beautiful  rag rug from an old lady in the village where we live. Didn't want to wash it in the washing machine but this weekend the weather was so nice that we could wash it outside and it dried in a day.

I'm going to sew it together so it becomes double as wide and use it on the veranda. To stop the warp from unraveling I will have to sew a band on the sides.

We also made a nice new wooden frame for the flower border using wood that got left over when we knocked down a wall in the kitchen.  I grow my lavender for my lavender bag in this border. Lavender is a natural moth repellent and I've made some bags to give as gifts to large orders in my shop. I like the challenge of finding material for a project around the house and the wooden timber used here worked really feel. I have also started to make sure that I'm using up all my scraps from sewing into new products. After making the laminated wash bags I then make makeup/pen cases with the strip that gets leftover. With the cotton fabric I have started to make patchworkshapes to be used for patching and mending holes on kiddie jeans. What is left then is cut into squares for patchwork that soon will be on sale in the shop.

I've made them with a ribbon so that you can either put them in a draw or hang them on a hanger with your favorite dress. The fabric I've used are from old tablecloth with nice embroidery carefully cut out.

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