What have I've been up to when I havent been here

As you probably noticed I've been neglecting my dear blog. All for good reasons I might add since the work have just been rolling in. That is the problem with freelancing and just wanting to do lots of stuff  you just can't get a balance. So I have been dying fabrics...

When I moved back to Sweden after years in London I just had to bring my Burco boiler.
This was the first time I used it for work and I couldnt have done the job without it. My version looks like stonage compared to the new one I realise but it still works.
The fabrics where dyed to become shirts for a musical at Malmö Opera house. The show, Les Miserable will open in september.

My lamp project that I've written about in this blog earlier turned into an exhibition along with some of my other textiles and together with a ceramist , Annika Sonntag we laid a table with our creations and my lamps above it.

Got into outdoor cooking in a big way. Specially my own grown vegetables. The vegetable patch was the part of the garden I enjoyed the most in the garden this summer.

Made some more costumes and meet some very nice people at the same time. Here are  two videos
from the production. It's all in swedish I'm afraid..


I did go to the beach as well but next summer I will I will spend more time here.

The beach at our summerhouse in Åhus.

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