Glue, doilies and snotty kids.

At home with a snotty kid, and a project involving wallpaper glue start taking place..
The kid is jumping around in the background here and with a very large ballon to blow up and then pasting lots of lace dolies onto it I felt like I was living on the edge. One ballon blew up before I even got started when doing the old rub it on the hair trick. Maybe not so clever with a 50 cm diameter ballon...

I've been collecting the doilies for a while now. Some of them I've bought at the local red cross shop and others I think came from my mum's. I thought I had lots but you need more than I thought when you get started. Then I hung it up to dry and the next day I punctured it with a needle. Bang and the ballon just disappeared. I thought it would get stuck with the glue and I would have to sit there and pick on the bits.

I forgot to say that it's a lamp I'm making here. I love lampshades and things hanging in the ceiling. Next step is to get a cord inside the shape and I will snap some shots when I get there.

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Anonymous said...

Love to see more. I want to make lamp shades too. What a great idea!