While stocking up my online store with snackbags I just want to write a few things about them.

Snackbags can be reused over and over again for all types of snacks like nuts,bicsuits and fruits.
The snackbag has a waterproof lining and can be used for all types of storage.
Everyone in the family can use it.
It's great when you are travelling with kids and need to have some handy snacks. Fill it up before the journey or buy some along the way. When its empty it doesnt take up any space like a hard plastic box.
It's a good way to make the little fussy eaters exited when they get their own snackbag to fill with stuff..

* Size 18*18 cm
* Made in 100% cotton, waterproof lining
* Quilified for food storage.
* PVC and BPA free.
* Closes with Velcro. Makes it easy for kids to use it.
* Can be washed in machine or rinse under the tap after use.
* Eco friendly alternativ to plasticbags, can be reused over and over again.

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