National clothes swapping day, klädbytardagen

Getting ready for a day out!
Today was clothes swapping day here in Sweden. Organised by Naturskyddsföreningen. I managed to find a kid loppis (jumble sale style) and got some goodies. To get into the spirit of the day I got  Leon dressed up in an old shirt that used to belong to my sister from around  1965. It is a Finnish label called kii-kii. Tried google it to find out more about it but nothing matched it on the first few pages. . If you want to arrange your own swap day there are some websites around to look at. I found an old mumin troll book in very good conditon for 10 crowns and some summer t-shirts and Leon bought himself a Lego police motorbike that got covered in chocolate on the way home. Very pleased with the day.Then to top it off I finally managed to get the sign up that lets the rest of the world know where I am. It is not Google Earth or anything. It is an old fashioned road sign pointing to my studio.We got on our bikes while lighting the first barberque of the year and put the sign up.

Now visitors, deliveries and customers will find me more easily and maybe even the locals! Then Leon pointed out the moon as he always does and me and him tried to get it in a photo.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! - the sign is up!