Ideas for childrens room

The lamps I saw in a little shop on a backstreet in Malmö last weekend. The patch work quilts I make from old handwooven kitchen towels that is quilted with organic cotton wadding. It is a great way of using towels and I sometimes leave  the old monograms showing to give it a special feeling. They can be made to fit any size bed or kitchen sofa. To order send an e-mail of size bed you want it to fit and I will give you a price estimate. I can even use your old towels with your grandmother monograms to make it a special heirloom.

 I like the idea of these floorbeds for when the kids outgrow their cots. Maria Montessori recommended beds like these from the age of 6months or older. You dont have to worry that they will fall out of bed, the kids themself can get into the bed when they feel sleepy and its big enough that you can lie down and read a bedtime story and maybe sleep a little bit yourself.


Flaming Nora said...

Love the quilt Peebs. Beautiful idea.x

Anonymous said...

i love those spherical lamps -- they're adorable. :)