Todays adventure

I went on a little adventure today as I was driving to return some hats back to a fab lady . I could have choosen the main road , it would have been the sensible choice considering the road conditions at the moment but then I would have missed all this.
I saw this old truck in the summer and I thought it would make a great background for a photoshoot. Imagine a whole load of kids playing on the truck and waving their arms about. Then I drove past it today and it looks just great with all the snow on it. I love that padded layer that the snow gives all the shapes. 

I kept stopping to take photos because everything looked so good but then everytime I started the car again it was just spinning around in the snow and I was really out in nowhere.. Then three deers jumped out in front of the car and it got really exciting for a while. Drove past the lake that we swam in when it was a heatwave this summer. Today it looked like Siberia. It was great to be back at home after that little excursion.