i-phone case and inspiration

I made some of these I-phone cases a while back and then I  realised they work quit well with Christmas so now there is one left in my Etsy shop.  It's great to use some of all that lace I've been collecting and it works well together with hi-tech I-pods and mobiles. It also got pockets both front and back which is very handy for earplugs , travelcard and just stash.  The cases that I'm selling at http://www.designtorget.se/ havent got the pockets but there is plenty of room inside for keeping those extra. But maybe my next version I can come up with a way to make it work. There will also be a more proffesional tag that will have my logo if I can find someone to print it. So I've started looking for someone that can do some printing for me but I'm also tempted to keep on stamping them out. Then you get so much more freedom and you can make your labels get a  special feel and not so massproduced. But at the moment everyone I'm talking to seem to have there heads wrapped around Christmas orders and parties.

This  shop is on Etsy. http://etsy.me/ik7Xsg
Then I saw this great japanese stamp. I'm going to use it on brown paper bags and I cant wait. Well to be honest I might start stamping everything that comes my way.             
  There are a lot of things to decide on but I feel like I'm finding my way in this djungel.

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