Mass producer of art and soon to come homegrown veggies- I hope

We have got a mass producer of  art in our house. It can be very mixed media when he decides to go loose on the interior and his grand dad sends him car stickers to use. Luckily for me the stickers where not very sticky. Then I've got a very handy elastic line with clips on to display his artwork that a very kind friend bough for me at Granit. Wish they had a webshop for people like me who live 300km to nearest store.

He seems to be going threw a red phase.. could it somehow be connected with being two and a half
and having a very strong will I wonder ? Maybe I should swap the paint for lots of greens and calm blues and see if it will have an effect.

As you can see we are getting a layered effect and what to do next?
Where to store all this art and does he then get it when he moves out? What does other parents do?
Any suggestions on keeping and displaying your childrens paintings and stuff?

When we go to London I always try to get a lunch or two at Leons and I also got the cookbook to inspire me. They have things like Morrocan meatballs,Sunshine sallad and home made Leon lemonade on the menu.
They also got a kids menu that your kids will eat from and you can feel like your kid is  getting some healthy food. Not the easiest task whe you are travelling.

New cookbook. Not for sale in sweden
 but  you can get it at amazon.

  Soon it will be growing season here and I'm going to donate some of the black currant bushes so that I can extend my vegetable patch and grow lots of great stuff and then make some fabolous food. I want to grow things kids can eat straight from the patch. Carrots ,wild strawberries and maybe sugarpeas.
Warm up world and shake off last bits of winter even here in Sweden!

RosemaryChivesBasilSalad Leaves

Had a thought about making nice looking seed packets and then I found a shop that does just that. In England of course. Looks great I think.

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TinyStitches said...

Love it!! I loved the ease of the clips and the string - not fussy, not expensive, holds a lot and oh so functional. We layered and layered the art. When it would get to heavy, we photograph it, and put the ones we must save in a storage box.