Little red riding hood and easter bonnets

Little red riding hood
I cant work out if this is to scary for my little boy or not. The fairytale has been a project they have had at his nursery and he is totally fascinated by it . This is by a swedish artist
RESERVED. Little Red Ridding Hood. Limited edition art print. From one of my original papercut designs. Beautiful colors. Archival quality print.

This is another limited art print by an american artist I found on Etsy . Imagine looking at this before you go to sleep. It looks great but it would colour your whole childhood to have this in your room. I have to rethink  and give him something else to get inspired by. My boy keeps asking me if we have any wolfes out here just to make sure we dont. Funny or not so funny I think they are actually slowly returning to these parts. So on that theme and getting ready for some sunshine I've made some bonnets.

These bonnets are available in my Etsy shop.
Preferably worn on a bright sunny day, looking good in the pram on the way to visit grandma.


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