Wood & Wallpaper walk

Today we went for a walk and at the back of our house our neighbour got his garden/wood rubbish heap.
Once a year he sets it on fire and then starts all over again. Of course I had to have a peak when I saw new rubbish. There was these old layers of wallpaper with the different wallpaperdesigns. It looks beatiful  and I like the idea of seeing these different times laying there together.
 I reminded me of all the wallpapers I have collected when doing up our house. I havent manged to throw them away but have collected them as a record to pass on. Our house was built 1910 so now it's 100 years old  and I think it would be a great idea to have a party for the house. Well any excuse for a party I think.

Wallpaper layers found on the heap.
More of the same.

Scraps of wallpaper found in our house.
After the walk I went inside and looked threw the wallpaper scraps I've collected. It would be great to have them reproduced or even better turn them into textil prints. Sometimes I amuse myself looking threw tapetorama webshop for similar type off wallpapers. They have a nice collection of old wallpapers.

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Flaming Nora said...

Brilliant! My neighbours very carefully stripped some old wall paper off their walls and gave it to me as a present. Obviously a cheep date! xx