Where Children Sleep

  Photographer James Mollison recently traveled the world, documenting children and the conditions in which they live: more specifically, where they go for comfort and sleep at the end of the day. I wanted to include this because the photos really tell a story and makes you want to know more. In the book you see a portrait of the child next to a photo of their room . Millions of families around the world sleep together in one room, and millions of children sleep in a place of convenience, rather than a place they can in any sense call their room.
My father told me he slept on the kitchen sofa and didnt have his own room when he grew up. They did have a parlour, fin rum but there was never a thought that it could be used as a bedroom for him. That was in the 40's and it shows how different we view the space that is allocated for kids and not just physical space.


Flaming Nora said...

Bizarrely, or may be not, it wasn't the ones living in complete poverty that were the most disturbing.

Storage Heating said...

The photographs are really the story tellers, they are depicting the true picture of the conditions where the children sleeps.

These are really heart melting...Thanks and keep sharing. :)