Wall collage for the local library/ Vägg dekoration för biblioteket

As part of of the Emil i Lönneberga celebrations I made a wall collage for the children section at the library. I've never done a project like this before so it was a bit nerve wrecking from beginning to end but I was glad it was so well received. The big empty wall really cried out for something and it got me thinking. I started out with going to an exhibition at Astrid Lindgren's museum and saw an exhibiton with illustrations by Björn Berg who illustrated all books about Emil.
I then went on a begging tour to the local paint shops and got some wallpaper to make the collage with. Here are some photos of my progress.

I started with Emil
Once I realised I could use the wallpapers and cut them into strips and shape them the way fabric drapes I found my way. Since the shape was so detailed I couldn't mount it on a board from the back. I asked a glass shop to cut plexiglass and glued it so that the collage sat on the outside.

And the carried on with his sister Ida. 

Here is the final result at the library.

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