Emil day at the local library

So last Saturday was the Emil i Lönneberga day at the local library. I helped arrange the  children craft section and then there was a storytelling room, fika, film session and a quiz that I also wrote.
At ten o'clock the doors opened and there was people hanging on the door waiting to get in. We estimated about 80-90 kids and parent turned up. A lot more than we expected so we had to arrange for more tables and chairs so that all the kids could sit down. So I dont have that many pictures to show of the masks the kids made but they where all great.

We made masks based on the theme Emil and his friends. For the youngest I had cut out various shapes the were a cat, the pig, a frog and face out of paper plates. The children then decorated them using watercolors , pens and colored paper. We also made some noses out of egg cartons. Th older kids cut and made their owns shapes. It is very fulfilling doing this with the kids and I think I will come up with some more ideas . Me and Anna, the local librarian have started brainstorming ways of collaborating and making the library a much needed meeting place for families in Högsby.
I also mad a wallpaper collage that is now placed on the wall in the childrens section. Next post will be showing pictures of VillaPernilla first public art!