Nice new project- Emil i Lönneberga birthday party

Sweden's most famous child author Astrid Lindgren wrote about Pippi Longstocking- the worlds strongest girl but wrote about many more fantastic characters. Emil the very naughty boy is celebrating his 50th birthday this year. Not sure how a character that is about 5 years old in the books can have a 50th birthday but it's a good enough reason for celebrating a fantastic story. So the local library has asked me to come up with a good idea for a birthday party.
So I've started to look at the illustrations off Björn Berg and now I'm lost in his world.
© Björn Berg / Bildmakarna Berg
The story is set in the area here in Småland where I live and apart from a very tasteful adventure park there is also a museum in Astrid Lindgrens childhood house where there is an exhibition about Björn Berg. The color illustrations in the books I've looked at since I was a child but now I'm discovering the line drawing.

The childrens area in the library needs to be decorated and then I will prepare for a craft session that will take place on the 26 of October. So a bit of time to start new ideas and get them up and running.
© Björn Berg / Bildmakarna Berg
All pictures are borrowed from Sven-Harry.se and astridlindgrensnas.se. I'm using the pictures for a project to promote children's reading. Please contact me if you have any thoughts on the subject.