VillaPernilla had a day out and met customers

This Saturday Högsby my local town( well with a population of 1800 people and the borough has a total of 6000 I'm not sure what to call it) had a small festival to celebrate the town. I thought it would be a nice idea to have a stall and meet some customers. So many returning customers ! Good to get feedback on the products and to get some new ideas. I should try to reach out and do more craft shows and markets so if you readers have any suggestions of good places please let me know. Many of my readers are international so it might be a bit tricky:)

I have now invested in a small party tent. I think it works better against shade than to keep rain out. 

I decided to have big sale on my cushions and they sold very well. Great to have some more storage space here at home but Leon my son felt a bit attached to the cushions and jumped into the old laundry basket. 

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