What happened and what will come

Being busy is good but as you can see my dear blog has been tragically neglected. When I started blogging my maternity had just finished and I was finding my way back to work and being a mum.
I started VillaPernilla and selling  stuff I needed myself as a mum on Etsy.com and in a few shops and museum gift stores. 
The biggest room upstairs became the VillaPernilla head quarter and sewing studio.
Since this picture was taken I've repainted and bought new fittings and another table.

 My costume work picked up again and I'm actually having to turn down work at times. It is harder to say no to work than one can imagine. I worked for Skånes dansteater wich is Swedens largest independent dance institution pretty much all last autumn. Very nice work and very nice people to work with.The pictures are from a double bill called HAZE and it is now touring in Germany and then Norway.

On Invisible Pause, choreography by Christopher Arouni, a part of Skånes Dansteater’s performance HAZE. Photo: Mats Bäcker.

Devious Paths, choreography by Helena Franzén, a part of Skånes Dansteater’s performance HAZE. Photo: Mats Bäcker.

 I also do some tailoring and sewing jobs that people drop by with. Not sure why I do it but it seems nice to offer the service to people that live locally. Today I had a visit by a 80 year old man that came wading threw the snow  to get  his jeans turned up. He sat reading the local paper while we did the job.

Now I feel like things are ready to take to level two whatever that entails. In my head I have a dream version of what that is but I have to make one that will work when there is only 24 hours in a day and I'm a mum that lives about 60km from a desent shop.
So careful planning and internet shopping for supplies are key to make it work. 
I would love my costume website to look great if you look at it using an I-pad or mobile.Oh and if I am making a wish list here I will add that blogs,websites,facebook pages etc could update themselfs.
So on that note I will finish my first 2012 entry and hope that there will be many more to come.

photo by Marianne Wie.


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