My midsummer

When living abroad midsummer used to be the time when I really felt homesick. Now we go down to the east coast of Sweden to spend midsummer with friends.

 We went up to the traditional dancing but Leon wasnt impressed so might not
do that again.... What we did like was to go down to the sea early morning and take the dog for a swim. It was only ten degrees so only got my feet wet and that was enough.

Leon parked his bike and then we went down to see if we could spot some fishes. The bike was bought for his older cousin a few years ago and now Leon inherited it. It is just the best so please click above link if you like the look of it. It is a learner bike that makes the kids find the balance they need for the real thing later on.

It is so beatuful here but when you look at the bottom you see that the Baltic is a dying sea. So we just look at the nature and try to do our bit not to make it worse.

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