Road Trip Essentials and things to do on your holiday!

It is coming up to holiday season and I thought it would be nice to list a few great things to do on journeys.
Not sure how my own holiday will turn out since freelance mayhem has got its claws into me the last month and doesnt seem to stop for the next 6 months! So if my blogging is somewhat sporadic you just have to picture me sitting in front of my sewing machine or leaning at the cutting table staring into space thinking about some pattern problem to solve.

                                  PLAY TIME

Little Bunny Foo Foo Finger Puppet Set

Fingerpuppets from Raindropstops on Etsy of course.

We always used to play with paper dolls an draw new clothes for them.You could find them in back of magasines and if I remember rightly sometimes you could get famous people and that was just the best!
I love the crayon wallets perfect for taking with you on journeys instead of the kids watching dvds or when going to restaurants you can have this as your secret weapon when the kids start playing up and getting bored!

And the spool knitter is brilliant just check out the shop with lots of different faces. 

You Pick Any Kids Individual Travel Bingo/Scavenger Hunt Games for Car, Grocery Store, Restaurant

Car bingo cards from personalityplus from Etsy again. Not many trams where I live but that will keep the kids busy!


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