With a little help from my friends

My handtinted version, using an old family portrait
and my partybib

I love these kind of handtinted photos. I found them just on Google search.
It's like an old version of photoshop and the proof that people always have touched up photos! So when I made my partybib I thought it would be great to use an old photo of my partners dad and stick the bib on. Its not easy to get a kid to sit still so this is one way of dealing with it. But with my limited photo skill I got a friend to help me with the photoshop bit. She does some great arty stuff too. http://www.mariannewie.net/
Then I tried a life version with my son and made him eat some icecream. I think him and his grandfather look very similar and we all felt a little bit sad looking at the pictures since his grandfather is not alive and will never see this little boy growing up.

I still cant keep away from kitchy stuff! So when I saw this plastic fabric really supposed to be used for tablecloths my head thought fancy party bib. Just wipe down and ready for next party !http://www.etsy.com/listing/42479560/bib-haklapp

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