New Year New Stuff

Stared planning for 2011. Some people are just great at bying gifts but for some of us it can be a bit tricky coming up with a personal gift that says I really thought of you. Recognize this? If people only knew how many hours you spent chasing that perfect gift in and out of stores. You could say , here is your present but I actually spent a whole day looking for it. Or like me this Christmas. I have bought three presents and then when I told the parents what I bought for their kids they said oh no he already got two of those or she's got that book.
So I'm going to make presents now . That way you are safe. So I figure name cushions are a great thing to give a way. These ones are made in organic denim and appliqued names in colourful fabrics. They are large enough to use in a pillow fight , looks great on a bed or to use snuggled up on the sofa. So keep an eye out in my Etsy store after Christmas because that's where they will be for sale.

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